Animalissime & Associations

About Animalissime

At Animalissime, we celebrate the unique connection between you and your pets. Our mission is to turn that special relationship into fashion, with personalized clothing and accessories designed from your photos. We use artificial intelligence to create unique designs, paying homage to each animal, whether furry, feathered or scaly. Our commitment goes beyond fashion: part of our profits is donated to animal protection associations. By choosing Animalissime, you express your love for animals while contributing to their well-being. Join our community where every animal becomes a star and every purchase supports a noble cause.

It's sublime - it's incredible - it's ANIMALISSIME!


At Animalissime, our heart beats for the animal cause. Based in New Caledonia, we are proud of our close collaboration with passionate local associations, such as SPANC, Bande à Nounou, Animaux du Caillou, and many others, to make a real difference. And to reinforce this impact, €1 for each purchase made is directly donated to these dedicated organizations.

We know that animal rights activists are everywhere. At Animalissime, you have the power to decide. Select the association that is close to your heart, the one that resonates with your convictions. Join us on social media and dive into our engaging challenges to support the charity of your choice. Every purchase from us is one step closer to making a significant impact for these vital causes. By opting for Animalissime, your purchase becomes a commitment to a better future for animals.

Stay tuned, participate, and together, let's move the lines! Your participation, whether through a purchase or by taking on our challenges, is a powerful support for animal protection. Join our movement: where fashion meets compassion, where every action counts for meaningful change. Together, with Animalissime, let’s transform passion into action for animal welfare.

The Animalissime Collection

Discover the ANIMALISSIME Special Collection, where fashion and generosity meet. Each purchase of this unique collection, adorned with our logo, supports the protection of animals, with 100% of profits donated to dedicated associations. By choosing ANIMALISSIME, you are making more than a style statement: you are actively defending the animal cause. Join a committed fashion movement and express your solidarity with our animal friends.